About Us


Every young athlete is a champion! KEKA WEAR understands the commitment, dedication and fearlessness of events that comes with growing in any sport. Whilst the world looks on in amazement at the end product of an elite athlete, we forget what it takes to evolve into that person. 

KEKA WEAR was founded in 2017, the heartbeat of KEKA's brand is fed by being part of the journey! With the founders daughters and their aspiration to become Gymnasts, experiencing the day to day training, as a gymnast practices towards perfection. From the first pointed toe, to grips and rips, the chills from a new skill, and chalk covered gear, we at KEKA WEAR want to be there with you. As a result, EVERY decision that we make, has the young athlete in mind. From coolness to comfort, KEKA aims to infuse fun and durability into each garment.

KEKA is a mash up of the founders two gymnastic daughters names - Keris & Kaydee. However KEKA also means "someone has done something extraordinary".

Thank you for selecting KEKA WEAR to join you on your journey.


Here's a picture of us all on a recent boat trip! 


Dream big, because dreams do happen :)

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